James "Kanto" Burton

[18+] Find the matching food before your opponent chows down on it!
Card Game
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An idle/strategy game of IMProbable luck!
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A bullet heck game where you are your own worst enemy
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Slurp up as many rain droplets as you can!
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Run a business for an ever growing populace
Progress through levels using "expandable" mechanics

Noteworthy Collection

These are the games that I have made and that I am very proud of to show off. Basically these are the games I'd highlight from my years of game development that include simple and/or ambitious games that I have a place in my heart for.

Complete Library

These are all the games I have created

Game Jam Games

These are games that I made during a game jam!


These are the games that are a proof of concept or a mechanical test, and may or may not develop into a full game.