This is a Prototype of a minigame I got inspired from a conversion that happened on Discord.

You have 6 ingredients and 4 utensils. The utensils (from top-down) are Cool/Freeze, Warm/Heat, Cut/Knife, and Mix/Stir/Spoon. Your ingredients (from left-right) are Milk, Cocoa Powder, Water, Lemon, Sugar, and Bread. There are currently 11 dishes implemented.

Left Click and drag an item to place onto the board
Right Click and drag a utensil to connect it to an ingredient
Right Click a dish to hide/show its ingredients
Drag an item to the Trash Can icon to throw it away

This was for the The Prototype Jam in which we need to make a Prototype of a mechanic within 24 hours!


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Very cool concept!