Your in a land that follows some simple rules:

  • Match three items to get a new item, but you can match more to get more.
  • Certain items cannot be matched into a new item, as they are a final product.
  • Some items require a pattern to craft into something specific.
  • Other items may require a special "Bench" to craft on.

Now have fun with this silly little game for a silly little kitty!

[If playing the Browser Version, Please read this and refer to it during play. Thank you]


[W][A][S][D] to Move

[Shift] to Run

(Left Mouse Button)/[Left Arrow Key] to Attack/Match

(Right Mouse Button)/[Right Arrow Key] to Pick up/Put Down Components

(Scroll Up)/[Up Arrow Key] to Eat/Hold Food

(Scroll Down)/[Down Arrow Key] to Equip/Dequip Tool

[Esc]/[E] for Pause Menu (works 1% of the time for Browser Version, otherwise is a fun noise maker)

NOTE: If the game throws an error about a "surface" not existing, it is because you may have minimize the game, which deletes the variable unfortunately.

DISCLAIMER: The Windows version should work as expected, but the Browser may not work properly

The Browser Version is currently riddled with bugs, please download it if you wish to play the game. The Browser Version does not support Saving. Apologies for the inconvenience.


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The nth Tilecraft-Windows V1.1 7 MB
The nth Tilecraft-Linux V1.1 7 MB
The nth Tilecraft JAM EDITION 8 MB

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