This my entry to WeightGaming's Gain Jam #5: Greed. Try your best to rank up imps and collect souls while managing your gold and brimstone! Collect artifacts, royal coins, and prestige bonuses while you aim for your own vague goal for greed, gluttony, and IMPractical nonsense!

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 3.6 out of 5 stars
(8 total ratings)
AuthorJames "Kanto" Burton
Made withGameMaker: Studio
TagsClicker, Idle, Management
Average sessionA few hours
InputsMouse, Touchscreen, Smartphone


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I love the little chubby imps! they're so cute ^^

Once again: is this going to be updated


yum humans

Is this going to be updated


also how do I restart I think I failed :(

Apologies for the delayed response, you can start a new run by clicking the up arrow in the bottom right, then clicking restart above the avatar's head. It takes you to an upgrade screen for you to spend Souls to improve your next game. The start is rough but once you can get your foot in the door it gets somewhat easier. If you need additional help, hopefully the (?) In the top right corner can help :3

idk what to do


whoah i use an auto clicker to save me hours of clicking to rank them up

got infinite money now,

guess it's the end game ?


any way to save my game on web?

The web version autosaves every minute when you see the red icon flash in the bottom left corner. It also saves after a prestige. (Theoretically it should save on closing but that may not be the case) In a future version I could add a force-save button so you can safely save and exit without loosing a minutes worth of progress.


hearts doesn't seem to do anything

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If I remember Hearts only have a (small) chance to revive a KO'd imp upon a successful duty, but it is entirely possible that I could of borked their ability :/


it work but very rarely


Fun little time eater you've got here. Only thing that really seems weird is how slow it is to get them imps to level up. In my current game, the chance of them dying is so small that I might get one death after around 4 hours of playing. Might I suggest they might get at least a portion (say somewhere between 5-10%) of the exp they get when they are revived when they complete a duty successfully?

I will say also take their suits into account, I believe currently cups are one of the suits that you can't get leveled past a point due to their buff preventing failure. I am planning something to hopefully make the grind easier... But it will still be a grind to get to >:3

Also I'm unsure if I have enough time for a different feature that would make it easier for ranking them up, but maybe I'll be able to implement everything else after the jam, hopefully? 🤷


I noticed that some suits did affect others somewhat early on and had been leveraging by only having certain demons out on the field. I'm guessing I had a weird bug going on or some edge case or something else effecting things, cause my field was full of crown producers (2), extra brimstone/obsidian producers (2), and the increased gold without downsides ones (4).

Speaking of the crowns, I'm guessing they are used for something, but haven't seen anything use them yet? I've gotten the 5 coins and the 4 artifacts unlocked, but haven't come across a use for the crowns yet. Guessing that their use may be a post-jam unlock or have I missed something obvious?

Crowns are a passive bonus that slightly increases gold production. Other than that I haven't figured out a use for them either :/ ... Yet >:3c


You can upgrade for a seventh extra starting minion even though you only have six free slots. Instant crash

Thank you so much for finding this bug! I added two checks that should hopefully prevent the issue from arising again. (one for in-game and the other for patching the save file) So hopefully you can resume playing your current save file :D

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Minor complaint: the "wildcards used" screen and most of the smaller text is hard to read. (EDIT: sorry, this is caused by my browser's tweaked zoom setting. "Looks bad when zoomed out" probably isn't a valid complaint, maybe.)

(EDIT: found an exploit; you can just rebirth over and over and over again for free unlimited souls.)

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Thank you for noticing the exploit, as that defeats the purpose of running the imps for a longer game (though as many souls as you collect, some prestige options are locked behind imp progress).

Also, I finally figured out what was causing the freeze up, I keep forgetting to use "new" in front of constructors and it was when you were getting an artifact (hence the randomness of it). Hopefully the game should be running more smoothly now and letting a new mechanic be introduced :3

(EDIT: Also, is the screen size I have currently too large for your screen? I thought it was small enough to keep from being an issue but I guess I was wrong xp )

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I think the readability of the card page is being dinged by that yellowish effect around the letters.
My screen is just 1080p, but the smaller text here is pretty hard to read, even after I fixed the zoom. The smaller text elsewhere in the game is pretty improved, though.

I tested the browser's zoom feature to see if it becomes more/less readable, but it didn't help:

The hard reading of the cards could be due to the game's own rendering of them, preventing it from being upscaled. I'm currently not worried about that as I am getting the game to a user friendly and working experience. But I'll see if it can't be fixed in the future sometime after the jam...😅


Yeah, no biggie, especially about the cards.


The tags are wrong, it's not a clicker or an idle game; I'm a little grumpy because I like clickers and idle games, heh.

Anyway, I've got no idea what I'm doing here, there definitely needs to be some kind of instructions somewhere, I think I'm sending them on jobs, but they either die or make me lose money, and the souls counter seems to always be zero.
Reviving them doesn't seem to help, since they tend to die the first time you try doing anything with them, too.

Unrelated, the game just locked up on me while I was trying to figure it out; I don't think I did anything out of the ordinary, I just clicked a card and the card went fullscreen like it's supposed to, but then the game froze up and isn't responding..


In defense of it being an idle/clicker, once an imp is rank II+ you can idle and let hold collect, and I think I fixed a mechanic that allows gold to accumulate while away so it adds to the idle theme. For the clicker side, I suppose it's just more click heavy then a true clicker. What tags would you recommend?

I'm still working on it so hopefully I can make a small tutorial to help explain somethings. I just updated it like half an hour ago, and I just fixed a major bug that caused the lost of souls (I missed a variable which was supposed to add but it's value was added to a subtracting value @~@ ). It's pretty RNG heavy, and the first few runs are supposed to crash and burn quickly. Imps are very dumb, but they try their best to help (like me).

As for the game locking up, I know your only able to back out of the Fullscreen imp view if you click/tap away from the dark box that's drawn. I could add an [X] button to have a clear way of leaving that view.

Thank you for the feedback, hopefully the game can be more polished before the deadline :3

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Thanks for the reply.

Tags, I don't know, probably just a bunch related to the content of the game, like "imps", "expansion" and "weight gain" and such. Maybe "management"? The game kinda fits a lot of molds.

Also, no, the game freezing, nothing seemed to work, I couldn't click out of it or anything. Clicked all over the screen, all the buttons, the imp itself, nothing.
The problem with bug hunting there is that I don't think I was doing anything out of the ordinary, so I think bughunting for that could stay on the back-burner to wait and see if anyone else has the same lockup, preferably in some way that makes it easier to repeat.

EDIT: the game just froze up again, this time after a successful imp run. Clicked everywhere, no response.

Okay, I'm starting to run into the issue as well, and I'm unsure what's causing the problem... Mine usually occurs while I'm tapping the "Perform Duty"/"Revive" area. I'll have to look into it as it's causing progress loss from last autosave :/