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Howllo Everyone!

Apparently the HTML5/Browser version doesn't work all that well, so I've uploaded the pictures here that you'd see in game normally. The title + controls at the start, and some of the pause menu information such as recipes and tips. I'll also write the tips here in case the text isn't that visible, and add some clarification for a few tips.

-Recipes with x3 can be expanded to x5 to get double the results.
-Enemies have a chance to drop keys. The deeper and stronger the enemy, the higher chance to obtain them.
-Pattern recipes require you to hit the middle of the pattern.
-To use a recipe that requires a "Bench" [Crafting Tables, Campfire/Furnace, Anvils], you will need to hit the component on the Bench.
-Place components next to the Green Fuser [Page 3, Left Column, Rows 3 & 4 for example] to mix components.

In case the mouse scroll wheel scrolls the page, you can use the alternate controls for the mouse using the arrow keys:

-Left Mouse Button -> Left Arrow
-Right Mouse Button -> Right Arrow
-Scroll Up -> Up Arrow
-Scroll Down -> Down Arrow

I hope this can help in some way. I know its not an excuse to not fix the HTML version, but until the Game Jam is finished, this is all I can think of. So cheers!

[EDIT: I forget the draw_string() function doesn't work on HTML, so let me also add the credits here in case you reach the last room]

-Patreon Orb: Thank you for your support Fierylion!
-Music Orb: Thank you liljahmin from for Music
-Palette Orb: Thank you Nelson SMG from for the Indecision Color Palette
-Sound/Volume Orb: Sound effects made using
-JamCraft 3 Orb: Thank you for letting me participate, JamCraft 3!
-Dev Orb: Game Developed by James "Kanto" Burton

Thank you and have a nice day!

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