Entry Time!

Howllo Everyone!

Wow, what a productive 2 weeks its been. Even though its been only 12 Days, I've learned a thing or two with developing this game and with Gamemaker in general.

What I've learned is when the optimized code you thought up doesn't work, it usually means a logical error is the reason it doesn't work. If you scope correctly you can get a lot done, but I only managed to get what I planned in the first few days done and the last few days done. I planned out up to the due date, and just had the last 3 days reserved for polish and debugging. Something else I've learned is that obtaining additional exports does not inherently grant you the ability to export to those platforms (I really wanted to export to Mac and Linux (T^T) ). I also learned that Gamemaker's HTML5 export throws fits with checking for a file's existence, hence why the Browser Version has Save striked out.

Speaking of scope, if I had a lil more time or even some help I wanted to add more locations, have the crafting recipes hidden and unlocked as you find components, enemies drop components specific to them (which can be used to unlock locations), temples with bosses and skills (such as holding food and holding tools), varying enemies that attack differently, and more items. For items I was thinking spider webs that could be made into fishing nets that let you catch fish, have Deep Rock give Deep Stone that can be crafted into a portal base that lets you enter new locations, and maybe ranged weapons.

I'm not sure what else to say, I'm still a little tired from last night's debugging, polishing, and playtesting. The Browser Version is "working" but I highly recommend the download version, since the platform version is more stable and has saving.

Thank you for your time and have a nice day!


The nth Tilecraft JAM Browser Version 1 MB
Jun 22, 2019
The nth Tilecraft JAM EDITION 8 MB
Jun 22, 2019

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