V0.1: Title Card

Howllo Everyone!

Version V0.1 is finally out! I pretty much started on it right after posting V0.0, but I feel as though this is a step in the right direction. I mean I did outline it so... Anyways in this update I've added a simple title screen, a simple pause menu, and a bit of simple ui. I went and got Magicavoxel to help me with some cool things such as seeing how bad I made the character when tried to build it with GMS' sprite maker (XD). You can use the [QE] controls to rotate them a bit. The number in the top left corner is just used for rotation debugging.

I've also got the left clicking a little more manageable by adding a the [L] key to cycle through the modes for left clicking. It starts with mouse follow where you go towards the mouse, then mouse path find where you goto the location the mouse clicked, and finally look at mouse which you can use to rotate your character as fast as you'd like (XP). This is much better (in my opinion) to the "left click follow, left click + shift to path find, right click + shift to look at mouse" system I previously had.

In case you don't like the way some of the controls are set up, you can use the key binding in the options menu (only accessible from the main menu as of right now) to change it. I do suggest to be careful as it is very crude and is the first time I actually successfully executed the keybind logic. It'll get better soon, with more options when the need arises.

You can also [SHIFT] to run which spends your stamina, if you want to recover it you'll have to stand still. It's hardly noticeable, since you're just running x1.5 faster than walking. I also have a rudimentary inventory system starting up, since the player will be carrying items with them. If you notice the clock ticks, a second out of game is a minute inside the game. I know all the gui is very bare bones and unappealing (except the pause menu, it looks cool with its dynamic layout! (BD) ), but I'm focused more on getting it to work than to pretty it up. Which is what I'd say about the next update, only that it's practically ALL about visually upgrading the game. So I will see you in the next update: Basically Me.

Thank you for your time, have a nice and safe day!


V0.1: Title Card for Windows 2 MB
Jan 10, 2020
V0.1: Title Card for Linux 1 MB
Jan 10, 2020

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