WotS V1.0.1 Patch

This is an important bug fix to make the game more playable as I rushed to get it submitted into the jam on time. Here is what got fixed:

(Reports by: WG/Cr0me)
-Office door now takes you to the correct location instead of a leftover room.

(Reports by: WG/NoNoYes)
-Outside door now takes you outside instead of the Basement
-When time runs out, the ending screen correctly displays
-Outside door does not crash when checking it with blankets

(Personal Reports)
-Game now has a title
-Options for clothing is now available, with blue, green, or yellow outfits instead of blue, blue, or test outfit
-Item names now correctly display
-Environments got a tune up
-Switch now demands that the generator be on to activate
-Controls are explained more clearly in game
-"Options" on title screen has been renamed "Customize" to better explain what it is

Thank you for your time and have a nice and safe day!


Weighting Out The Storm V1.0.1 2 MB
Aug 12, 2019

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